Are you feeling tired and out of energy? If so, keep reading! This article gives you 5 easy ways to increase your energy.

I bet there’s at least one tip you can use right now to instantly feel better and more energized:

Energy boost #1 – take more breaks

The first thing we do when we feel busy is work harder, and take LESS breaks.

Which doesn’t work. On the contrary.

Working harder drains your energy even more. It kills your creativity and ability to hear your intuition.

Try this for a day, and see if you notice a difference:

Take a 5-minute break every hour.

Stretch your legs, stare at the sky, make some fresh tea or get some water. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it gets you away from your computer and your desk for 5 minutes.

Energy boost #2 – stop worrying

“Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose.”

Eckhart Tolle

What is it you’re worrying about? Something you can change? Change it.

Something you can do? Do it.

Nothing you can do about it right now? Stop thinking about it.

Worrying solves no problems, creates nothing new, and brings no solutions.

It’s bad for your mood and lowers your energy immensely.

Focus on things you DO want, you CAN change, and you HAVE control over.

Don’t worry about the rest. It’s no use.

Energy boost #3 – set priorities

Before you do anything, ask yourself:

  • Does this need to be done right now?
  • Does it have to be done at all?
  • Does it have to be done by me?

If the answer to all 3 questions is ‘yes’: do it now.

If it doesn’t have to be done right now: schedule it on the appropriate time and do it then.

Delegate anything that doesn’t have to be done by you.

And dump everything else. It’s not a priority.

“Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing.”

Lao Tzu

Energy boost #4 – sleep more

Sleep is very important. Not sleeping enough is bad for your health, diminishes your ability to focus and concentrate, is bad for your mood, and it simply sucks to feel tired.

When you’re tired everything takes much longer, and the results are often worse.

The easiest way to increase your energy is to go to sleep a half hour or hour earlier than you normally do.

(And/or take a nap after lunch. Siestas are the best invention after warm showers, birth control, central heating and indoor plumbing.)

Energy boost #5 – breathe more deeply

Just take 7 deep breaths in, and out. You’ll instantly feel more energized ánd relaxed!

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”

Amit Ray


This week’s Transformational Action:


Use one (or more) of these tips today. And tomorrow. And the day after.

Make it a habit to STOP and slow down whenever you feel busy, stressed, or drained. Don’t go into frantic overdrive. Use one of the tips above to refocus and energize yourself.

Remember: the better you feel, the better the results of your actions will be.



© 2013 Brigitte van Tuijl


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