Number one, two, three

People ask me often how you can tell if it’s time to make changes in your business.

Because they’re not sure if this is the right time, or not, or if they should just wait it out.

Check out these 3 signs to make sure if YOU are ready to make changes in your business – or not:

Sign #1: Asking the question

Wondering if it’s time to change usually means that it is. Why else would the question come up?

If you can think of a clear and different reason, OK, sure, than maybe you don’t have to change anything about your business.

But every time someone asked me this question (and trust me, I have been asked this A LOT over the past 11 years), it was a sure sign that SOMETHING needed to change…


Sign #2: Feeling unhappy or unsatisfied

When you don’t feel good about your business, it’s definitely time for change.

The only question is: what needs to change? What is it that’s REALLY bugging you?

You may need to uncover that first.

But yes, it IS time to make some changes…


Sign #3: You feel bored

Feeling bored usually means you’re not challenging yourself enough.

Maybe you need to come up with some bold, new, exciting and challenging goals. Maybe you need to express more of yourself and your talents in your business. Maybe it’s time to learn or offer something new.

Whatever it is you need to change: something definitely needs to be different!


Okay, it’s time to change. Now what?

Get clear on what it is that you want to change. Then, decide what you DO want instead:

What is it you really, deeply want instead of what you have or experience right now?

Take your time figuring this out.

The clearer you are on what you want, the easier it is to actually get it.

To change!


© Brigitte van Tuijl



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