I know what you think. Probably something like this:

“Are you out of your frickin’ mind, Brigitte? How can feeling stuck be great? I bet you’ve never felt stuck, or you wouldn’t say this. You suck, Van Tuijl!”

Yes, I’ve felt stuck. Many times, as a matter of fact.

And no, it did not feel great.

But not only have I learned how to get unstuck again – I have also learned that feeling stuck can be a real blessing.

Let’s take a look at what being stuck is REALLY all about.

Once you look at it like this, you’ll see that it’s a blessing in disguise.

Feeling stuck is always a sign of something going on beneath the surface that needs your attention.

Often, you’ve had other signs before. A niggling feeling that maybe it was time to do this or stop doing that. An intuitive feeling something was wrong or needed to change.

Whatever your gut was trying to tell you, you didn’t listen to it yet.

You need a clearer sign. And that sign is feeling STUCK.

Maybe you already know what it is your stuckness is asking you to look at.

If you don’t, check out some of these examples, and see if any of these ring a bell for you:

  • Are you trying to achieve something you no longer want?
  • Are you chasing after something that’s not in alignment with who you really are?
  • Is it time to change direction in your business?
  • Are you playing big enough, challenging yourself enough? Or are you playing too small and too safe?
  • Are you pursuing the REAL dreams & desires you have for your business and life?

Feeling stuck is ALWAYS a sign that something needs to change – and if you take the time to find out what that is, the way through it immediately becomes clear.

Feeling stuck is NEVER a sign that you’re not good enough, that you’re stupid or unworthy or incapable of being happy or successful. NEVER.

It’s also NO reason to get angry with yourself or beat yourself up.

It is simply a feeling, asking you to listen to what it’s telling you. To listen to what your soul, your heart and your intuition are telling you.

Take a step back from feeling miserable, take a couple of deep breaths, and ask yourself:

What is this stuckness telling me? What’s its message?

What part of my business or life can GREATLY improve when I listen to it?

Once you start listening to what your stuckness is telling you, you have found the entrance to a breakthrough that will greatly improve your business and life.

That’s the real blessing of feeling stuck.

It ALWAYS shows you the biggest energy- and happiness drain you experience right now.

And this is ALWAYS the doorway to a lighter and happier life, in alignment with who you truly are and what you really want.


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