Are you truly happy and satisfied with your fees and prices?

Or do you feel underpaid and undervalued?

If you do, you are probably not charging enough. You may need to raise your fees (or offer less for the same price).

Charging what you’re worth starts with knowing the real value of your work.

You need to focus on the results people get from working with you. You’re not selling a process or a portion of your time.

You’re selling results, solutions for problems and transformations.

Being clear on these exact results is the first step to charging what you’re worth.

But after that comes the hardest part:

Actually feeling, knowing and believing, without a doubt, that you are worthy of receiving good money for your products and services.

You have to feel completely confident that you are worth whatever amount of money you charge.

If you don’t believe in yourself or the value of your work, it’s impossible for others to believe in the value you offer.

Every doubt or insecurity you have, is energetically present in everything you do.

It subconsciously determines how you talk about your services and how you write about them in your ezine and on your website.

The words you use may sound confident and strong ….

but if you don’t feel confident the energy of your doubts will always shine through in everything you do.

People always know if you REALLY believe what you say, or not.

They may not pick up on it on a conscious level, but unconsciously they definitely do. They will feel something is not right, even if they can’t put their finger on what that is.

Feeling completely confident about the value of your work and charging enough money for it is often difficult.


Because of your negative beliefs.

You may not know you have them.

But if you have any kind of problem around your prices or fees (or making enough money in general), you definitely have some underlying negative beliefs.

Some common examples of these negative beliefs are:

  • There are already so many others doing what I do. Why should people come to me?
  • What I do is not really special. Anyone can do it.
  • I don’t think people will want to pay more for my services. It’ll be too expensive for them.
  • When I charge more I have to deliver more…and I’m not sure I dare promise more than I already do.
  • It’s not spiritual to be rich.
  • It’s not ethical to charge more when your business is based on helping people. Anyone should be able to have access to your work, even if they can’t afford
  • It’s not possible to charge more in this economy.
  • I’ll lose clients if I charge too much.

I personally recognize all of these negative beliefs – all of them used to bother me (and this was just the tip of my negative beliefs-iceberg 🙂 )

If you recognize one or more of them, you need to increase your confidence in yourself and the value you offer.

This week’s transformational action shows you how to do this.


This week’s transformational action:


Make a list of every results and transformation your client will get from working with you:

How will working with you help them? What problem(s) do you solve? What is possible for them after they have worked with you?

Don’t be modest and take some time to work on this list.


Focus on these results when you decide what you will charge your clients. It helps you feel more confident and charge the right price for both you and your clients.



© 2013 Brigitte van Tuijl


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