3 Keys
I deeply believe you should live and do business on your own terms.

That’s the way to fulfill your purpose, and build a business and life you truly, deeply love.

Makes perfect sense, right?

And I have never met anyone who wouldn’t like to live life and do business on their own terms.

BUT….I know very, VERY few people who REALLY do business on their own terms.

For all different kinds of reasons, doubts and fears.

Which is a shame. A lot of people long for it, but don’t feel it’s possible to do business in their own way – or they don’t have a clue how to do it or where to start.

There are many factors at play in doing business your own way.

In this article I share 3 major keys to do business on your own terms. 

(And at the bottom of the article you can download a FREE lesson that teaches you how to screw the rules and do business YOUR way!)

Key #1: Know what your terms are & what your ideal business looks like

This seems obvious, but trust me: a lot of people don’t know what they want, how they want it, or what their ideal business and life look like.

So often I ask people if they know what they want, and they answer ‘yes, of course.’

But if I ask them to describe it to me, they discover they don’t have a clear image of it at all.

Start here, even if you think you already know what your ideal business looks like.

Don’t worry about HOW you’re ever going to create it or wonder if that’s even possible: focus on what you really want first.

Key #2: Stop comparing yourself to others

There is absolutely no point at all in comparing yourself to others.

They follow their path. You follow yours. And those paths will never be exactly
the same.

If you do things in YOUR own way, this automatically means there’s no one out there who does exactly what you do in the way that you do it.

You need to be a bit of an explorer and pioneer if you follow and create your own path.

Let others inspire you. And that’s it. Focus on finding your own way and truth, instead of measuring and comparing.

No one does exactly what you do, and no one walks the exact same path.

That’s a sign of you being true to YOU. It’s NOT a sign you’re not measuring up or doing it wrong or whatever else you tell yourself when you compare yourself to others.

Key #3: Question everything you think & believe about running a business and being an entrepreneur

There’s A LOT of advice, knowledge, stories and information on running a business out there.

Entrepreneurs ‘should’ do this, be like that, and never do this. You ‘should’ do marketing this way, or that way.

There are so many ideas and stories out there on what it means and takes to be an entrepreneur.

Some of it’s true. Some of it’s not.

But the key question is this: is it true for YOU?

Question what you think and believe about running a business and being an entrepreneur.

And focus on what’s true and works for YOU.


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