Summertime. A time to relax, enjoy the sun, and take some time off.

It’s also the perfect time to do some soul searching, and reflect on your business and your life.


If you want to do some effective soul-searching this summer, there’s basically only one question you need to answer:

Are you truly happy with every aspect of your business AND your life?

It’s a simple question, but one that’s often difficult to answer.

When I ask my clients if they’re happy, truly happy with every aspect of their business, the answer is almost always ‘no’.

There’s always something they want to change: they want to make more money, work less hours, get more results, or do things in their own way for example.


The interesting thing is what happens immediately after they’ve answered the question:

They start telling me all kinds of reasons why they think it’s difficult or even impossible to make these changes.


Most people don’t believe they can truly have or achieve everything they want.

There’s always at least one limiting belief that gets in the way of that, for example:

  • It’s not possible (or ethical, or spiritual) to make a difference and do good in the world, and make a lot of money at the same time;
  • You just can’t have it all – growing your business and being successful has it’s price;
  • You can’t just do whatever the heck you feel like doing and be effective / successful at the same time;
  • You have to choose between being successful or being happy;
  • You have to choose between being a good, decent person or being a rich person;
  • Etc. etc.


The problem is, that these limiting thoughts stop us from even THINKING about our ideal business and/or lifestyle.

And if you don’t KNOW what your ideal business and lifestyle look like, how could you ever create it? (Or something very close to it?)


Creating a business and life that make you truly happy starts with KNOWING what you REALLY want, and being crystal clear on it.

And the first step to find out what you really, deeply want, is asking yourself this one question:

Am I truly happy with every aspect of my business and my life?


This week’s transformational action:


Take some time to reflect on this question. Be honest, and listen to your deepest feelings & intuition.


Start with getting clear on everything you’re not happy with.

After that, you can ask yourself what WOULD make you happy.

Don’t worry about how you can accomplish it or if it’s even possible.

Create your ideal picture first.

After this picture is clear – and not one moment sooner – you can take a look at HOW you can accomplish this, one step at a time.

You have more power to create what you want than you give yourself credit for.


And if you leverage the power of the universe and your own intuition, miracles can truly happen!


© 2013 Brigitte van Tuijl


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