alienonearthOne of the things I teach my clients is to be ab-so-lu-te-ly true to who they really are.


It’s what they all want. And it’s often what they fear at the very same time.

Being true to who you are in business means to make yourself, your talents and your uniqueness visible.


This often triggers fears around visibility and standing out from the crowd. Yes, they want to stand out….but not so much that others might criticize them.

They don’t want others to think they are weird or crazy.

Over the years I’ve noticed that one of the things a lot of people find hard to share in their business, is their spirituality.


Once they feel it’s time for them to come out of their spiritual closet, they all ask me the same thing:

How did YOU do that?


Well…I came out of it kicking and screaming 🙂

I shared my story about this in my ezine recently, and so many people emailed me about it I decided to share it here too:


For most of my life I often felt like an alien who accidentally landed on planet Earth. I didn’t understand why people did what they did and couldn’t figure out why I was here myself.

So when I finally discovered my calling at age 30 AND could make a living with it, I felt SO happy!

I started my business, and felt like I fitted into society like a normal person for the first time.


And then…


After a year or 2 my intuitive channels opened up again.

Which was kinda nice, because it made me be an even better coach.


I was SO pissed off when I realized I had to be open about my spirituality and intuition in my business!

I only JUST found my way and finally felt like I fitted in….

And now I had to be open about my spirituality and intuition in my business?


So everyone would think I was a crazy, woo woo, weird, soft, touchy-feely, spaced-out, complete and utter nutcase?

I hated it with every cell in my body.

After some (okay, A LOT of) resistance I surrendered, though.


I learned that I could be both spiritual AND a woman who: can sometimes swear like a sailor, makes dirty and political incorrect jokes, can burp the alphabet (and sometimes even a short sentence!), who’s very practical & down-to-earth, loves detectives and thrillers and who can get very irritated about the stupidest things.

And now, 13 or so years later, I’m about to launch my new online program Business Magic that is ENTIRELY about intuition and co-creating with the universe!


It’s a good thing I did not know I would do that some day – I’d probably have been even more pissed off than I already was 😉

(Or stayed in the spiritual closet a little bit longer)

I hope my story inspires you to come out of whatever closet you might be in. It’s not always easy, but it is definitely worth it.

Being true to yourself and feeling free in your own skin is important to feel good, happy, and fulfilled.

And who knows: your ‘weirdness’ may be just the thing that inspires others the most!

Your comments, thoughts & maybe even your coming out are more than welcome; I’d love to read them!
You can post them below.




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