There are a lot of myths about intuition out there.

Maybe you believe some of them as well. But if you do, it makes it harder to use your intuition at all, OR make to make the best use of it.

Which is a shame, because your intuition can help you IMMENSELY in your business.
It helps you:

  • Make the BEST decisions in every area of your business (and life);
  • Stay on track;
  • Figure out your next best step;
  • Get clear on what YOUR best way of doing business is;
  • Stay true to yourself and your purpose and not lose yourself in running your business and everything that comes with it.


To name just a few advantages of taking your intuition to work with you 😉
To help you clear the way to use your intuition in business more, I’ll debunk some common myths a lot of people have in this week’s article:


Myth #1: You have to wait for intuitive insights to come to you


You can learn to consciously work with it and get answers & information about anything. Anytime you want or need it.

Sure, you’ll always have those sudden flashes of insight. And the best ideas ever will still come when you’re taking that shower 😉


But you don’t have to passively wait for your intuition to finally start talking to you.


Once you learn how to consciously work with it, you open up a whole new world of possibilities.


Myth #2: You’re not always connected to your intuition

Not true.

You’re always connected. You’re intuition is always communicating with you.

You’re just not always aware of it.

Or quiet enough to actually notice what it is telling you…

It helps if you learn how YOUR inner guidance talks to YOU.


There are several different ways in which your intuition can communicate with you. Knowing how this works for you helps you hear your guidance better AND consciously work with it.


Myth #3: Your intuition is not always right

Wrong. It is. Always. Right.


It is true that there are several things that can happen that make it LOOK like your intuition is off.

Three common things are for example:

  • You didn’t interpret the information correctly, or
  • You chose to ignore the information (Yes, that happens. I bet you can think of at least one example where you didn’t listen to your intuition. Only to ask yourself later why you did not listen…)
  • Because you didn’t take action on the insights you got.

Your intuition is NEVER wrong.

The better you learn to work with it, the more you learn to trust it. And the better your results of working with it will be.


Here’s something you can start with now:

Think of a situation where you did NOT listen to (or act upon) your intuition.

You know, a situation that makes you say things like: I shouldn’t have trusted him! I always felt weird about him!

Why didn’t you listen?

No, I’m not asking you this to make you feel bad about or get mad at yourself.

Absolutely not!

I’m asking you this so you can begin to understand what comes in YOUR way to listen to your intuition.

So hopefully next time, you WILL listen – and save yourself some headaches and gain some pretty darn good ideas 😉


© 2013 Brigitte van Tuijl


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