It can be very tempting to blame someone or something for the results you get in your business (or your lack of results).
I know. I’ve blamed plenty of people and circumstances for my lack of results or the struggles I experienced in my business.


I blamed people who work for almost free for my problems in charging what I’m worth, for example.
And I blamed the economy for making it harder to find clients.


Sometimes it really seems like you have little or no influence on what’s going on in your business.

But the truth is that you don’t help yourself by blaming others for your struggles or lack of results.


On the contrary: you are actually making yourself weaker and smaller if you do.
When you blame someone for something that’s going on in your business or life, what you’re actually saying is that:

  • The person you blame for something is bigger than you;
  • Other people have more influence on your business, results, and your life than you do;
  • Others are more capable of running your business or life than you are (according to you, that’s exactly what they are already doing);
  • Others have more impact on your business than you have;
  • The only way for your circumstances to change is that OTHERS change it for you;
  • Your happiness, results and fulfillment in your business and life completely depend on the decisions OTHER PEOPLE MAKE.

You get the picture, right?
What happens when you blame others is that you give away most of your power.

This makes it much harder to change your situation or solve your problem.
It’s impossible to grow yourself or your business if you keep playing the blame game.

You have to take full responsibility for your life and your business if you want to be able to change or grow.

Taking 100% responsibility = having access to 100% of your power.

Taking 75% responsibility = having access to 75% of your power (at most – because you drain yourself of a lot of energy as well by having a victim mentality).


I know it can sometimes feel like you are not in control and there’s nothing you can do.

It feels frustrating and scary.

But thankfully you can turn it around.


You can do this by asking yourself these empowering questions:

How can I ………?

What does it take to ……?

What is possible in this situation? What is one thing I CAN do to change it?


This week’s transformational action:



Look closely at a situation you’re not happy with.

Ask yourself: Why am I in this situation?

Your (honest!) answers will show you if you are playing the blame game or not.


Then ask yourself this empowering question:

What can I do right now to make this situation a little bit better?

This gives you access to your full power and opens the way to seeing opportunities and solutions you couldn’t see before.


© 2013 Brigitte van Tuijl





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