What I’ve noticed in coaching people over the past 10 years, is that wanting something and actually doing something to achieve it are 2 totally different things.

People want a lot. They fantasize. They daydream.

They want to be richer, happier, thinner, more successful. But they don’t take action to make it happen (or don’t follow through after taking the first couple of steps).

Maybe you recognize this as well.


I sure do. I’ve made a lot of changes and took a lot of courageous steps in my business. But it was never easy. And often it took me some time before I felt ready to take action.

A lot of my clients were struggling with something for a long time before they felt ready to change that as well.

Why is that?


In my experience, there are 3 main reasons that keep people stuck:


Main reason #1: Fears & doubts


Change is scary. There are so many things we fear and doubt that it stops us before we even take the first step.

We’re afraid to fail, succeed, be visible, be criticized, get noticed, make mistakes, lose control, take a risk, etc.

We doubt our talents, if others are waiting for what we have to offer, if we are capable of fulfilling our mission and if we’re able or worthy to be successful.

How do you solve this?


The very first thing to do, is to acknowledge that you’re scared. Don’t deny it – your fear will only grow bigger if you do.

Don’t dramatize it – yes, fear can wash over you like a giant wave on the beach. But if you feel it all the way through, it will let go of you. Just don’t feed your fear by thinking about it too much.

Feel the fear – don’t feed it.


Then you can feel the fear AND do whatever it is that scares you.


Main reason #2: Not knowing what to do


Most people want to know every single step they need to take to achieve their goal. If they can’t see all the steps, they don’t even take the first one.

But you DON’T have to know HOW to achieve something before you can take the first step.


You really don’t.

All you have to do is know what you want, and take the first step in the direction of that desire.

If you know what you REALLY want and are perfectly aligned with it, you will ALWAYS know the next step to take. Your intuition will tell you. You’ll know in your gut what you have to do next.


Main reason #3: Not being clear on what you REALLY want


All too often we don’t know what we want. Or we have a vague notion of what we want, but aren’t crystal clear on it.

What you always know, however, is what you do NOT want.


You know you don’t want to feel unhappy any more, or stressed out. You know you don’t want to feel unsuccessful anymore, or work so hard all the time.

Use this knowledge to your advantage.


You can do that by deciding what you do not want to experience anymore. You draw the line.


Deciding what you no longer accept in your business or life is a very powerful act.


It fires you up big time, and creates space to start taking action to change your situation. Your first step will become clear once you decide what you no longer tolerate.


This week’s transformational action:


What are you unhappy with right now? And how long have you felt this way?

Be really honest here. I’m not asking this to torture you.

I’m asking you this to help you take the first step towards change and growth:


To get you fired up to say NO MORE!!! to whatever it is you no longer accept.

So you open yourself up to your power to choose, act and change.

Once you have said your NO MORE!!! aloud and with passion, your next step will reveal itself.

Take that step. And the next.

And you’ll experience a lot more joy and power in taking those steps, than in passively staying stuck where you are.


© 2013 Brigitte van Tuijl


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