Last November I wrote my very personal story about being a hermit, completely embracing this and building my entire business around it.

(you can read the whole story here)


A lot of people were curious to know how it would work out, and if I’d be able to limit all direct interactions with clients to a maximum of 4 hours per week – and still grow my business.

Since the first quarter of 2013 is behind us now, I decided this is a good time to give you an update.


So, what’s been happening in Happy Hermit Land?

Well….it’s been a stretch.

It’s been a challenge.

I watched my income plummet at first, because I stopped taking on new private coaching clients (which was still a large part of my income).


I had to make a lot of changes in how I structure my business and programs (and invested time, money and energy in this); I had to delegate more (another investment), and created my first online product (Unleash your Uniqueness – it will be available this month).

To name just a few of the things I’ve been working on these past couple of months.


In short: it’s been a lot of hard work; it’s been difficult; it felt weird and highly, HIGHLY uncomfortable.

But now that I am growing into it, and am getting used to it and am slowly becoming comfortable with it….now it feels freaking great!!!

The amount of FREEDOM I feel as a result of being 100% uncompromisinglytrue to who I really am (instead of 90%, which was a lot already but just not enough for me), is ginormous.

The RELIEF I feel because I am finally happy about being a hermit and accepting it completely, instead of fighting it and feeling guilty and confused about it.

The JOY I feel when I look at my calendar and see page after page after page almost empty…man, I love love love that!


It took me 10 bloody years to finally get to this point – I didn’t have the knowledge nor the balls to make it work sooner.

Which is okay.

It brought me a lot and it taught me a lot and I can now teach my clients even better than before how they can build their business on THEIR terms as well.


What can you learn from my story?


There are several lessons I think you can learn from my story.

#1: Choosing to do things in YOUR own way and being 100% true to that is NOT always easy;

#2: Choosing what’s good for you can feel highly uncomfortable at first – if what’s good for you means you have to live and run your business in a completely different way than before, you have to get used to it at first;

#3: It takes courage to go your own way, and not compromise. The ‘weirder’ your choices, the more courage it takes;

#4: Whenever you step into something new, you need to release all the old stuff that stands in the way of moving forward (= old habits, thoughts, behavioral patterns, fears, doubts, self-criticism, people, programs, services, products, clients….you name it – anything and everything that no longer serves you needs to go);

#5: It is SO worth it to do it – it may be hard at first, but the reward is HUGE and makes it all worthwhile.


I hope this inspires YOU to be even more true to yourself than you already are.

To being true to ALL of you, baby!

©️Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: Want to do EVERYTHING in business & life YOUR way, too, without compromising, sacrificing or changing who you are?

Want help, support, guidance & inspiration from me and a community of like-minded women to finally be 100% true to YOU?

My 1-1 coaching might be just what you need.



Curious to read more other this?

Here’s how I’m doing almost 4 years later, in August 2016.

Here you can read how I added one hermit week per month to my schedule. One completely appointment-free week each month, baby! 😉

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UPDATE 2022: 

I wrote a book about it!

The Happy Hermit – how to thrive as an introvert entrepreneur

In it, I share my journey in more detail and, more importantly, how YOU can create a business that’s 100% ideal for YOU, too!

Expected: summer 2022

You can read all about it here. 



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