At the beginning of this year, one of my coaches gave me the assignment to make a list of things I was proud of:

What had I accomplished in 2012 that made me feel really good?

One of the things I was (and am) really proud of, is that I increased my income by 45% in 2012!


Maybe you’re used to numbers like that, but I’m sure as hell not!

Every time I read about numbers like that in someone else’s newsletter (I’m subscribed to a gazillion newsletters, so I’m bombarded with this kind of info all year long), I noticed some mixed feelings:

1. Wondering how they pulled it off, and doubting if little ol’ me would ever be able to accomplish something like that as well;

2. Feeling just a tad jealous, and

3. Thinking: I. Want. That. Too!!!

And lo and behold: I accomplished it for the first time last year! (And I promised myself it wouldn’t be the last time either 😉

My coach asked me a really good question when I told her about this accomplishment:

What do you think most contributed to this increase?

Hm. I had to think about that one for a while.

I came up with an answer, of course, and I’ll share it with you in this article.

Some aspects are obvious but were not the main factors that contributed to this increase.

I will mention those first, though, because they may not be obvious to you yet:

(They weren’t always obvious for me – especially not the first one)

  • Spending lots of time on marketing & selling (yes, it’s a necessity);
  • And working my ass off (no, that’s not a necessity – but you DO have to work for it – it doesn’t just happen ’cause you want it to)

So, marketing and selling and doing the actual work are important factors.

And these are the other 5, very important factors that contributed to the 45% increase:

Factor #1: crystal clarity

You need to be super-super clear on things like:

  • your ideal client;
  • your mission;
  • your message;
  • your goals;
  • WHY you do what you do: the reason you’re in business at all; your higher calling.

In focused on renewing that clarity in 2011, because my mission, audience etc. changed.

Once I was crystal clear again, I was able to move forward at warp speed.

Factor #2: take inspired action

Your actions are most effective when they are aligned with your purpose and mission.

When what you think, feel, want and do are a perfect match and do not contradict each other.

When you listen to your intuition and act upon that as best as you can.

Factor #3: get support

Don’t do it alone. It’s not necessary AND not possible.

You need to delegate, outsource & get support in different areas: practical, spiritual, emotional – whatever you need: ask for it.

This doesn’t always have to cost money. You can also ask for support and help from friends, your partner or family. Don’t be afraid to ask – most people are nice and will help you if they can.

Factor #4: invest in yourself and your business

You need to invest money, time and energy.

I’ve invested most of what I earned in my business again last year – and still do.

I hired a second VA; purchased new software and programs; hired several coaches (some for a short period and a specific question or issue, and one for the whole year); invested in a high-level mastermind program; and many more things.

Factor #5: be courageous and do whatever it takes, even if (and especially when) you’re scared or feel highly uncomfortable

One of the things people often think I’m good at, is being courageous. And yes, I AM courageous. I don’t give up and I do what it takes and I’m taking huge leaps quite regularly.

But that doesn’t mean it comes easy to me. And it most certainly doesn’t mean I am not scared.

Ha! I’ve been scared shitless many, many times – and I have no doubt I will feel like that many more times to come 🙂

This week’s transformational action:

Which of these factors requires your attention if you want to grow your business this year?

What’s the first step you can take to work on it?

And when will you take it?

© 2013 Brigitte van Tuijl


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