What’s the first thing you do before you start following someone on Twitter?

Or decide to visit someone’s website when you look at their Facebook page?

And what makes you decide if you want to link with someone on LinkedIn?

You read their bio first. And in a split second, you decide if you find them interesting or not.

That truly is the power of a bio. It instantly attracts someone – or not.

YOUR bio is also instantly attractive to someone – or not.

And every person that reads bio, might be your next client.

Your bio can be a great and easy way to get noticed and invite people to visit your website, 24 – 7.

So…the more attractive your bio is, the better!

Before I give you some tips on creating a great bio, let me clarify what I mean by an attractive bio first:

An attractive bio is a bio that instantly draws the attention of YOUR IDEAL POTENTIAL CLIENT.

It is NOT meant to be attractive to every Tom, Dick and Harry out there – that’s not even possible.

It’s impossible to be everything for everyone anyway, thankfully. So don’t even strive for that.

How do you create a good bio, then?

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. don’t give you much space to write about yourself.

On your own website you can be as lengthy as you like, but most Social Media don’t allow you to do that.

This forces you to really think about what you want to share in that limited space:

How can you effectively communicate what you do and what sets you apart in 140 or 175 characters?

These tips help you create your own great bio:

Tip #1: make clear whom you’re talking to

If you want to be instantly attractive to your ideal clients or customers, you have to tell us who they are.

Unless you’re an author and you want to focus attention on your book. The title and what it’s about often tells us who might be interested in it.

Or you’re Madonna and everybody knows who you are already.

But other than that, either mention your ideal client somewhere in your bio, or find some other way to show us who might be interested in you.

Tip #2: make clear what you can do for them

What’s the result someone gets from working with you or buying your products?

What’s in it for them? Why should they be interested in you?

Focus on the main or unique result your clients will get from working with you.

Tip #3: make clear what sets you apart

Find a way to show your uniqueness. Mention something about yourself, or a method you work with, or whatever it is that sets you apart from others in your industry.

Maybe you like rock-climbing in a bathing suit or collect stamps from the 18th century. Or both. That definitely sets you apart 😉

Whatever it is, share it!

In complete alignment with your values and ethics and whatever else matters to you, of course.

Tip #4: dare to be different

Being different and standing out can feel scary.

It may take some courage for you to show us what makes you a one-of-a-kind-whatever-you-are.

But…if it’s something that will attract your ideal clients to you…please take a deep breath and make it visible.

Tip 5#: make sure it really represents YOU

It’s not so hard to create a bio that fits the amount of space you have.

And if you get your creative juices flowing, it’s not even that hard to create one that stands out and gets you and your business noticed.

But is it still YOU?

If someone reads your bio and contacts you or starts working with you…will they recognize you?

Will they feel like they’re dealing with the same person?

If not, you’ll sooner lose clients or disappoint people than attract them.

It HAS to be you. It HAS to be real.

Read your own bio and check your gut feeling:

Is this a true representation of who you are? Really?

This week’s transformational action:

Take a look at your bios on Social Media and your website:

  • Do they set you apart?
  • Do they attract your ideal clients?
  • Do they represent what you uniquely have to offer?
  • Do they represent YOU?

If not, take some time to recreate them.

It can really make a difference for your business – a good and attractive bio works for you even when you sleep.


Of course, you need to know exactly what sets you apart before you can put that in any bio.

You need to know what makes you unique before you can make it visible – you need to be crystal clear on it.

If you’re not, my program  Unleash your Uniqueness – How To Stand Out In An Ocean Of Coaches is just what you need.

In it, I’ll teach you EVERYTHING you need to discover, own, and share your uniqueness with confidence and clarity.

Not just in your bios, but in every aspect of your business.

Image the difference this can make for your business, your income and your self-confidence…

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