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Two weeks ago I wrote about some decisions I made in order to create a business that serves my every need completely, without compromising.


(You can read the article here)


A lot of people responded to that article, and many of you wrote me how my story inspired you to think about what YOU need in your business.

Some people also wrote me that my story gave them hope: it shows that it really IS possible to create a business that serves your every need – no matter how extreme or weird that need seems to be.



Building an ideal business is something that most entrepreneurs crave.


I notice that every time in my program Big Mission, Big Impact. When I teach my clients how to create their own ideal business, they experience many eye-opening moments and valuable insights. And most of them start making changes in their business immediately as a result of it.


But I also notice (and experienced myself) that it is not always that easy to build your business exactly as you like it.


Opinions and expectations from others (and yourself) can really distract you from doing things YOUR way.



Not to mention the fears, doubts and negative voices in your head that show up as soon as you start thinking about what you REALLY want your business to look like.



So, today I will share the very first step in creating your very own ideal business with you.



You probably did not expect this to be an actual step but believe me: it works like crazy!


It unleashes powers you might not even realized you had in you 😉


This is the very first step in creating your own unique business:


(Oh, and HINT: it is a very good step to create whatever you like – not just your ideal business)


Get angry.



Yep. That’s it.


The very first step is to get totally, completely pissed off.


Or, if you’re more the quiet type, get irritated. Annoyed. Slightly mad.



Often these feelings are wiped under the carpet.


Because it is not spiritual to get mad or unladylike to curse your ass off. Or whatever kind of excuses you may have to stop yourself from acknowledging or expressing your feelings.





Feeling angry, annoyed, irritated or whatever else kind of ‘negative’ feelings you can experience are a true source of power if you use them constructively!


These feelings give you the power to stand up for what you REALLY want, and to make it happen no matter what.


It helps you decide what you will no longer tolerate and accept.



And it helps you decide that things will change, starting NOW.


When you suppress these emotions you deny yourself the chance to see them for what they really are:



Important signals telling you that something is off. Something is not right for you.


It’s not always immediately obvious why you feel what you feel. But if you don’t examine and / or express it, you will never know what these emotions were trying to tell you.



Take whatever you feel serious.


Listen to it. Express it if you need it. (Just ask my partner how it sounds when I do that. Not very ladylike, I can assure you 😉


Allowing yourself to be angry, irritated, or pissed off can release a tremendous amount of inner power and decisiveness.


It helps you decide that you have HAD IT with whatever you don’t want to tolerate anymore.



The strength and power that are released when you say NO MORE! help you overcome all inner demons and doubts that often come up when you want to change something – especially if this change means that others may be disappointed with you or the choices you make.


Get angry and use this power wisely and constructively. Its energy will propel you forward!



This week’s transformational action



What is it in or about your business that you don’t really want anymore?


Maybe you’re already ticked off about it. Maybe it’s still just a tiny little sense that something is off.



Dive into that feeling and ask yourself this:


What is it you no longer want to tolerate, accept, do, or experience any longer?


If there were ONE thing you could change about your business right now, what would that be?


Allow yourself to investigate your emotions and feelings around this.


You don’t have to get angry of course.



But if there’s some anger there, don’t suppress it!



Explore what and how you feel, and what it is you don’t want to tolerate any more.


Don’t get sidetracked by the voices in your head that tell you it cannot be changed or you don’t know how to change it.


Feel it first. All of it. Connect to how bad it REALLY makes you feel.



And then decide it will be different. Declare it, out loud.


Don’t worry about the how just yet. That is the second step, which will reveal itself to you once you’ve made a powerful, heartfelt decision.


“The truth will set you free. 

But first it will piss you off.”


Gloria Steinem






Let me know what you think!


What will YOU change or no longer tolerate in your business?


You can post your comments below. Thanks!


















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