Someone Is Not Having A Good Day
As an entrepreneur, you have the freedom to build your business almost any way you like.

And I believe you should use this freedom to create your business in a way that totally supports and serves you.


There are 3 reasons why creating your ideal business is so important:

Reason 1: 

If you want to be able to give your clients the very best you have to offer, you have to take excellent care of yourself first.

Creating your ideal business is an important part of this.


Reason 2: 

A business that is ideal for you is a business that gives you joy, fun and freedom.

Don’t forget: you’re not supposed to be a slave of your business.

It is allowed & possible to love what you do, and make a difference and (a lot of) money at the same time!


Reason 3:

The more you love your business and what you do, the more successful you will be.

It’s much easier to attract clients and do whatever is necessary to grow your business when you are genuinely enjoying what you do and how you do it.


So how can you create your own ideal business?


These tips will get you started:


Tip 1: Every change starts with awareness.

So the first thing to do is to explore how happy you are with your business right now.

  • Which aspects of your business energize you?
  • Which aspects drain you?

Consider as many aspects as you can think of: the hours you work; the programs you deliver; the people you work with; the quality of your team; the work that you do; the environment you work in; etc.etc.


Tip 2: Decide what your biggest energy drain is:

If you could change ONE thing in your business right now that would immediately give you more energy, fun and freedom, what would it be?


Tip 3: Now brainstorm:

Write down 10-15 things you could do to change that one aspect.

It doesn’t have to be or seem doable, practical or realistic. Just create the list. It will give you one or more ideas you can implement right now!



This week’s transformational action

Take a look at the your brainstorm-list and identify 1 step that you can implement right away.

Take that step!

And enjoy the energy this will instantly give you.





How ideal is your business? I’d love to hear about it! You can post your comments below. Thanks!





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