Most people know how helpful their intuition is, and how important it is to listen to it.

And most of us experienced what it’s like to ignore it, only to ask ourselves afterwards why we didn’t listen to it in the first place.

I’ve certainly been there several times myself, and I bet you’ve been there as well.

When you look back on whatever it was that didn’t work out, you often say: 

I should (and could) have known it wouldn’t work out from the beginning. There were warning signs, alarm bells and all kinds of feelings. So why didn’t I listen??

Maybe you’re ignoring your intuition right now.

Or maybe you’re on the verge of making an important decision and could use some intuitive guidance to decide which option is in your highest good.

These tips help you listen to your intuition and act upon it:


1. Explore why you did not listen before

Think about one or more situations where you ignored your intuition. Describe them in a few sentences, and then answer these questions:

  • What did your intuition tell you?
  • How did it tell you this? What were the signs and signals your intuition gave you?
  • Why did you decide to NOT listen to it?


These answers help you see what your pitfalls are. 

Usually there are certain triggers that cause you to ignore what’s best for you.

Fear, for example, is a huge and common trigger: being scared of whatever it is your intuition it telling you to do, for whatever reason.


2. Explore why (and how) you DID listen before

Now think about one or more situations where you did listen to your intuition.

Describe them in a few sentences as well, and then answer the following questions (they are slightly different than the questions above):

  • What did your intuition tell you?
  • How did it tell you this? What were the signs and signals your intuition gave you?
  • Was there anything at all about listening to your intuition that scared you or made you feel insecure?
  • Why did you decide to ignore your fear and listen to your intuition anyway?


3. Explore what it takes for you to listen to your inner guidance

You’re now ready to bring it all together by answering these final questions:

  • What are triggers or tricky situations for you? What kinds of situations or people trigger you to ignore your intuition?
  • What helps you to act upon your intuition?


Knowing your own answers to these questions help you follow your own inner guidance more and more.

Your intuition is an extremely valuable instrument that helps you with everything you do and create in your business – if you learn to recognize it, and act upon it.

This week’s Transformational Action

Are you ignoring your intuition anywhere in your business or personal life right now?

Is there something your intuition is trying to tell you?

If so, please take a moment to explore this, and decide to act upon it – even if this means doing something that scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable.

It’s often a bit uncomfortable or sometimes downright terrifying to do what your intuition tells you to do – but in the end, it’s always worth it.*

I know how scary it can be, but I also know you can do it – you’ve done tons of scary things in your life before, so you can manage this one as well 😉

“If prayer is you talking to God, then intuition is God talking to you.” 

Dr. Wayne Dyer


*It’s very important to know if it’s really your intuition talking of course…

So if you’re not that experienced yet, start practicing with small steps and decisions that are not of extreme importance to you.




Are you using your intuition in your business? Let me know! You can post your comments below. Thanks!




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