"Story Road"
Moving forward with your business is not always easy. It takes time and effort, and sometimes you just don’t know where to start.

The tips in this article help you instantly uplevel your business and yourself:

Tip #1 uplevel your thoughts

Everything you create in the outside world is created inside of YOU first.

Your thoughts and beliefs have a huge impact on your feelings and your actions:

The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your results.

This means you can improve your results by improving your recurring thoughts.

Which thought(s) automatically come up when you think about moving forward in your business?

Pay attention to these thoughts and see which pattern emerges. Maybe you’re always afraid to fail. Or maybe you often wonder if you’re good enough.

These negative thoughts hold you back immediately.

You can solve this by replacing your limiting thought with a more empowering and exciting one.

For example:

Replace: I’m not able to do this.

With: I can learn what it takes to do this.

Tip #2: uplevel your story

We all have several different stories. About our businesses, the world, our past, and ourselves.

Some of these stories are inspiring. Others bring you down the moment you think of it.

What’s your story about yourself? And about your business?

Tell your story out loud and make a recording of it. (With your phone for example. Never mind about the quality. It’s for your personal use only.)

Talk about your background, how your business is doing, how you are doing, how you look at the future, etc.

Listen to your recording afterwards, and pay attention to the following:

How are you talking about your business and yourself? What words do you use? Are they uplifting? Neutral? Powerful?

What’s the feeling you get when you listen to your story?

Do you sound like a strong person? A successful person? A victim?

Now uplevel your story:

Tell the same story, but from a different perspective:

Talk about yourself with love, kindness, compassion and pride.

Talk about your business with love, joy, confidence and power.

Think of your problems as challenges, your struggles as invitations to learn, and your circumstances as opportunities to grow.

Same situation.
Same person.
Same business.

Different words.
Different energy.
Different feeling.

The key to changing your story is this:

How does it make you feel? Does your story lift you up?

Or does it bring you down?

Re-create your story until it makes you feel good about yourself and your business. This makes you instantly more attractive to your clients.


Check your bio on your website, in your ezine and on Social Media. Change it if necessary.

Tip #3: uplevel your behavior

Take a close look at your habits. How do you typically spend your days? Which actions do you take on a daily basis?

Take a look at these habits and ask yourself how effective they are.

Do they help you reach your goals? Or not?

Now pick one habit that does not serve you, and replace it with behavior that does.

And follow through, of course: practice this new behavior daily until it becomes your new and supportive habit.


This week’s Transformational Action

Which of these tips triggers the most resistance?

Implement that one.

I know, you don’t want to, but I promise you:

This is the tip you will benefit from most.

Trust me: I know what I’m talking about here 😉

Good luck!


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