Success in sight....
The word ‘success’ triggers different reactions in different people.

Some people say success doesn’t matter to them.

Others seem to be obsessed by it, and are willing to sacrifice anything and everything to gain more of it.

And then there are people who secretly desire to be more successful, but are afraid to say that out loud.

They think that success is something that you cannot (or are not supposed to) strive for if you do spiritual work or want to make a difference with your business.

But when I speak to them, and ask them what they REALLY desire in their business, all of a sudden they often feel that they actually do want to be successful.

Not in the if-the-planet-or-peoples-lives-are-ruined-I-don’t-care-as-long-as-I-make-mony-kind of way. (That’s just plain stupid anyway.)

But in a way that is meaningful and in alignment with their mission and purpose.

I think it’s a good thing to strive for success – on YOUR terms, based on YOUR values and purpose, YOUR contribution and YOUR needs and desires.

I believe that the more successful you are, the more you can contribute, and the bigger the difference you can make in the lives of others.

And if you are a heart-centered entrepreneur, aren’t those the exact things that made you start your own business in the first place?

If you want to be more successful, these tips help you increase your level of success:

Tip #1 WHAT – define what success means to you

What is YOUR definition of success? What does it look like? When do you feel successful?

Start by defining this first.

Don’t just think of success in terms of your business goals.

Look at the bigger picture. Include your personal life, your spiritual needs, your soul purpose, your hobbies, free time, family, travel…etc.etc.

If you find it difficult to include all this, answer these questions instead:

When you are old and grey and look back at your life, what do you want to look back on?

What will make you feel proud, happy and completely fulfilled? What legacy do you want to leave behind? What would you regret then if you don’t do it now?

Looking at it from this perspective helps you weed out all the things you think you want, but that are actually not important to you at all.

And it might help you discover some needs and desires you weren’t aware of yet.

Tip #2 WHY – why is this important to you?

When you’ve defined what success means to you, answer these next questions:

WHY is this important to you?

What difference will this success make for your life? And for your business?

And how do other people and/or the world benefit from your success?

Tip #3 HOW – what’s your next step?

You now have a clear picture of what success means to you. Now it’s time to start taking action.

You can do this by answering this question – and pay attention to the first thought that comes to mind when you read it:

What is the one step that you can take today that will bring your success closer to you?

This week’s Transformational Action

Take the step that came up when you read Tip #3.

And use this question to guide you in deciding if your future actions are right for you or not:

Will this step bring me closer to my success and what matters to me most?

Or will it take me further away from it?


Let me know what you think! You can leave your comment below. Thanks!


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