Recently I read a book (as I regularly do ;)) and as I was scanning through the pages, this sentence caught my eye:

 “If you are not moved to tears by who you are and always have been, you don’t know your worth.”

dr. Venus Opal Reece


Wow. That is some statement. 

I’ve never been moved to tears by who I am.


I’ve been moved to tears by many, many things of course:

My partner; a beautiful sunset; music; art; a smile; an episode of Extreme Home Makeover….(okay, okay, EVERY episode of Extreme Home Makeover)


But by myself? Are you crazy?! Of course not!

This quote got me thinking, though, and I felt something shift inside me.


Why do I think it is normal to moved to tears by everything and anything – except by myself?

Why does that feel like it’s weird and inappropriate?

Is it really THAT strange to be moved to tears by who you REALLY are?

I know that self-worth is a major issues lots of women entrepreneurs struggle with.


As a result of doubts and fears around their worthiness, they struggle with things like:


  • Charging what their services/programs/products are really worth;
  • Presenting themselves as an expert in their field;
  • Promising their clients results and benefits;
  • Being visible;
  • Sharing their gifts;
  • Playing too small and hiding out;
  • Feeling slightly guilty about their success;
  • Not asking for more than they already have because they don’t feel they deserve it.


If you feel confident about yourself and your True Worth – which comes from who you truly ARE – you don’t doubt that you have something beautiful to offer to others.

And you will start to understand that you are worthy simply because you ARE –your worthiness is NOT something you have to work for or something you have to deserve…

You’re already worthy of everything wonderful and beautiful.



If you feel worthy you no longer ask yourself who you think you are to be ambitious or to want to make a big difference in the world.

You don’t question if you belong or if you’re worthy of being successful and happy – and whatever else you long for.


The issue of self-worth ALWAYS comes up sooner or later with 99% of all of my clients – for almost 10 years in a row now.

And recently I gave one of my clients the same assignment I will now give you:


This week’s Transformational Action

Grab a pen and beautiful (!!) paper, make sure you will not be disturbed for the next half hour, and set your doubts and modesty aside.


Take a few deep breaths, relax, and start writing a letter.

Not just any letter:

A love letter.

To yourself.


You read that right:

I want you to write a love letter to YOU.

Don’t worry, no one ever has to know.

Just give it a try, OK?


I set my own feelings of shame and questions about my mental health aside and already wrote it myself.

(Yes, I did! I can hardly ask you to do something I’m not willing to do myself, right?)

(No, I’m not gonna tell you what’s in it, are you crazy?! But I will tell you it’s a pretty great letter…Which makes total sense, of course, since I am a pretty amazing person 😉

And so are you!)


Just give it a shot, especially if you think you’d rather break your little toe in a painful and bloody way than write yourself a love letter. 

The harder you resist writing it, the harder you probably need it…



© Brigitte van Tuijl


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