The key to take the right action at the right time
If you’ve read one of my articles before, you know I always talk about taking action.

Reflecting is good, visualizing is nice, but without action it doesn’t mean or change a thing.

Nothing gets done without action….


But you have to take the RIGHT actions the RIGHT way if you want to get the result you are after.

(TIP: you DO know the result you are after, don’t you? If not, you should start by figuring out what it is you want exactly.)

The secret to taking actions that actually get you what you want is this:

You have to take aligned action.

This means that you have no inner conflict about moving forward.

If you experience any kind of inner conflict and don’t deal with it, your actions are less likely to be successful. 

If you know you are taking the right actions but still aren’t getting the results you desire, your actions are probably not aligned right now.

Taking aligned action means that your actions need to be aligned on these three levels:


Level 1: your soul purpose
Everything you do, including fulfilling your mission and setting your business goals, should be in alignment with your soul purpose.



Because there is NO way you will ever feel deeply fulfilled as a result of your actions, your business and your work, if you are disconnected from your soul’s purpose.

You can achieve all the success in the world, make lots of money, and possess the most beautiful things that money can buy….but if you are NOT fulfilling your purpose in the process, you will NEVER feel deeply happy and fulfilled.


You will always feel like something is missing. 

And there is. That something IS your purpose.


Level 2: your mindset & beliefs
Your (subconscious) beliefs are the cause of inner conflict and turmoil. If you are hampered by doubts and negative beliefs, it is important you address and transform them.

If you don’t, they will (unconsciously) affect the outcome of every action you take in a negative way.


Without the right beliefs, it is so much harder (and sometimes even impossible) to reach your goals. 

That’s why I always work on changing and transforming beliefs with all of my clients.


Level 3: your personality

You need to do things YOUR way.

You are MEANT to do things your way!

(Why do you think we are all created differently? If we were meant to be exactly the same we would have been born as exact copies of each other.)

It’s important that your actions, your goals, and your business are in alignment with every aspect of you, including your personality.


This gets you better results and makes taking action a whole lot more fun!

Stop copying what others do. Yes, you should market your business. Yes, there are certain structures and actions and methods that work and that you should implement as well.

Just make sure you implement the actions and methods that suit YOU and are a perfect match to your personality.

Make sure you do it YOUR way, and infuse your actions and programs and website and, well, everything, with your energy, your being, your personality, your weirdness, your humor, your ….etc.

Well, you get the picture. And I’m getting bored with summing it all up 😉


This week’s Transformational Action

Are your actions getting you the results you are after?


If not, take a good look at these 3 levels and ask yourself:

Where am I not aligned?

And how can I fix this?





Let me know what you think! You can post your comments below. Thanks!


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