Last week I shared with you that I was somewhat stuck with my new book (The Art of Divine Selfishness – transforming the world by thinking of YOU).

At first I didn’t understand where I was stuck.


Until it dawned on me: last year, when I started writing the book, both my business and myself where in a very different place.

I was in the last phase of saying goodbye to my audience, clients and programs to make room for a new chapter and the next phase in my mission


And in that phase I prepared for the book by answering some questions to clarify its’ message, content and structure.

Today I’m in a totally different business than I was one year ago, and the answers I gave to some of those questions no longer apply.

Once this was clear, I knew what I had to do to get unstuck: take out these questions and answer them fresh, from where I am today.


You might be in the middle of a (huge) business transformation OR about to write a book as well.

The questions I used to prepare for my book might help you too.


If you have no intention of writing a book just now, you might want to answer these questions anyway.

Just pretend you’re going to write a book about a subject very near and dear to you, and answer these 3 questions.

This might give you some surprising insights on your mission, purpose and the direction your business is evolving in: 


#1 Who is your ideal client?

What is their biggest problem? How does this affect their life and/or business?

Create a clear mental picture of your ideal client. Give her or him a name. Imagine that you’re writing your book or creating your program or product for this person.


#2 What is your solution for their problem?

How do you help them? What is your vision? What do they need to understand, do or know to be able to move forward?

How does your program, service or book help them on their way?


#3 WHY?

Why do you want to write this book or create this product?

Why does it matter to you that your clients solve their problem?

And why does it matter to them? How does your book or program change their business, life, work, health or happiness?

How does it change their environment and the people they love?


And how does it change the world if your clients no longer suffer from their problem?


This week’s Transformational Action


In case you decided to write a book or create a new product or program:

Answer the questions above and after that: start creating! No time like the summer to create something new.


If you’ve answered these questions to get more clarity on the changes you or your business are going through:

Answer the questions above and take a good look at what’s going on in your business right now.

Are you serving your ideal clients? Are you deeply connected to the work you do and the people you work with?

Do you love what you do?

Are you on a mission and if so, what kind of mission is it?


If your business does not represent your calling, if you are not fulfilled by it and if you do not absolutely LOVE what you’re doing, it is definitely time for some soul-searching and reflection this summer.

And if you can’t find the answers on your own, my program Big Mission, Big Impact might help you with this.

Read all about it here 





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