Going to events and seminars can be very valuable and worthwhile for your business.

But it also takes up a lot of time and energy. Which is fine, if you spend your time wisely and make the most of your visit.

These tips help you with that:

Tip #1: get grounded

Being grounded is the best way to be fully present, and to feel calm and secure throughout the day. It also helps you stay connected to yourself, so you’re not easily overwhelmed by all the people and information around you.

One way to ground yourself is to jump up and down a couple of times. Then take 5 deep breaths, and pay attention to how your body feels.

Tip #2: prepare before you go

Why are you going to this specific event or seminar? What do you want to learn? Who do you want to meet? What are your goals and intentions?

Think about this before you go (I usually do this during the train ride to the event) and set at least one intention and one goal.

An intention could be something like: “I am open to learn as much as I can today.”

A goal could be: “I will connect to three people I have not met before”.

Tip #3: take time afterwards to reflect & implement what you’ve learned

Plan at least one hour the next day to go through your notes, and decide which actions you are going to take (and when).

If you’ve visited a 3-day-event you may need an entire day for this.

Make extra notes, reflect on what you’ve learned and experienced, and come up with at least 3 things you will implement in your business.

If you’ve met new people, take some time to follow up.

Send them an email or connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

This week’s Transformational Action

If you’re going to an event one of these days, you can use the tips in this ezine and plan time in your schedule to prepare and reflect.

If you’ve been to an event in the past that you haven’t really made the most of yet, answer these questions:

Question 1:

What did you learn about yourself? How can you use this to grow and develop yourself?

Question 2:

What did you learn about running or growing your business, your marketing, etc.etc.?

How can you implement this?

Question 3:

What was the ‘golden nugget’ you took from this event or seminar? Really look for it: it is always there.

(Even if your golden nugget is that you will never ever visit an event like this ever again 😉

Why was this information so crucial for you? How has this changed your perspective of yourself and / or your business?

Bonustip 1: 

You can also use these tips when you go to a workshop or listen to a (free) teleseminar.

If you consciously focus on the things you want to learn or experience, you benefit so much more from everything you do, everyone you meet and everywhere you go.





How do you make the most of the events and seminars you visit? Let me know what you think! You can post your comment below. Thanks!



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