Deciding to grow your business is one thing.

Actually doing it and succeeding in it is quite another.

Where do you start? How will you accomplish it? And what exactly does growth mean?

What do you really, honestly, and maybe even secretly long for?

These kinds of thoughts are often not very productive.

They can lead to doubts and overwhelm and can make you give up too early.

If you are serious about growing your business, these 3 key questions help you get started:

#1 Why do you want to grow your business?

There is not just one answer to this. I for example have several different reasons for it. Three of them are:

  • I feel I have something valuable to share, and want to help more people with my services;
  • I want to make more money, because I feel I have been working too hard for too long with too little to show for it;
  • And I also want to stretch and challenge myself. Growing my business is only possible when I personally grow and transform first.

Think about your own answers: why do YOU want to grow your business? 

This connects you with your deeper drive and motivation.

And yes, it is perfectly OK if your reasons don’t seem ‘spiritual’ or ‘purposeful’ enough.

It’s OK if your reasons seem vague or too ‘out there’.

And it’s also OK if your reasons seem shallow or selfish, or not realistic at all. 

They are YOUR reasons and connecting with them on a deeper level is what motivates you to keep taking action to grow your business.

#2 What do you need to let go of?

All growth requires release.

The things you do, believe and think until now are what brought you were you are today.

If you want to reach another level, you need to adapt new behavior and let go of those actions or beliefs that no longer serve you.

#3 What do you need to believe to make your business growth possible?

These are some of the things my clients tell me they need to believe to be able to grow their business:

  • That they already have everything they need to be successful;
  • That they are capable and worthy of being successful;
  • That it’s possible to do what you love and make a lot of money with it;
  • That it is safe to be visible and successful;
  • That it is possible (both in general AND for them) to build a thriving business based on your life purpose.

This week’s Transformational Action

When you have answered these 3 questions, it is time for the next step:

You need to make the following decision: do you REALLY want to grow your business, and are you prepared to do what it takes to make that happen?

If your answer is yes: go for it! 

Take whatever action you need to take to move forward now.

If your answer is no, that’s OK too.

Just make the conscious decision that you do not want to grow your business at this moment.

Making a clear decision and sticking to it will immediately give you more energy.





Let me know what you think! You can post your comments below. Thanks!




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