We all have more than one self.

Not in a mentally unstable or unhealthy way, but in a different-voices-in-your-mind kind of way.

If you split these voices up in two categories, they belong to these two parts of us:

Your Big Self and your Little Self.

Your Big Self

Your Big Self is the part of you that is connected to your higher self, your soul, and your life purpose.

When you are connected to your Big Self you are connected to yourself, the universe and the people around you.

When you operate from your Big Self there is a feeling of trust and knowing you’re on the right path.

You take inspired action and feel confident about the steps you take (even if you don’t know why you take them or why they’re important).

You feel and trust you’re on the right path in your business and your life, even if you’re not really sure which path you’re on or where it will lead you.

Your Big Self is the part of you that creates, manifests, believes, acts fearlessly and enjoys the ride 🙂

It helps you fulfill your life purpose, overcome your obstacles and accomplish your Big Mission.

Being connected to your Big Self always feels good (even if you’re a bit nervous, you can still feel calmness and trust underneath it).

Your Little Self

Your Little Self is the part of you that operates from fear, doubts and insecurities.

It’s the part of you that feels overwhelmed and doubts if you’ll ever be able to accomplish your goals and manifest your dreams.

It tells you you’re not worthy, not good enough, not talented or special enough.

It asks you who you think you are to dream of bigger and better things.

It’s the part of you that criticizes yourself and others, that judges and complains.

It’s the part that holds you back, and keeps you stuck and playing small. 

This is the part of you that makes you give up – often before you even started to accomplish your goals.

Being connected to your Little Self does not feel good. Ever.

We ALL have a Little AND a Big Self.

Don’t worry about that or feel bad about it (that’s just your Little Self speaking anyway 😉

The only thing that matters are these two questions:

1. Who is running your business right now?
2. How can you consciously make the shift from your Little Self into your Big Self?

This week’s Transformational Action

First, ask yourself regularly which of your selves is running the show: your Big Self or your Little Self?

Second, make a list of things that help you reconnect to your Big Self.

Some tips to get you started:

–       Meditation / yoga
–       (Re)connect to your dreams, mission and goals
–       Listen to music
–       Make a vision board
–       Call someone who always makes you feel good
–       Read inspiring books, quotes, articles
–       etc

And third, make it a habit to consciously connect to your Big Self as often as you can. 

The more you practice doing this, the easier it gets (and the faster you can step out of your Little Self when you’re under it’s spell again)




Let me know what you think! You can post your comments below. Thanks!




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