Wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience (more) magic in your business?

To have everything run smoothly and effortlessly?


And is that even possible?

Well…yes and no.

Yes, magic does happen.

And no, it’s not something you can simply wait for and expect all of your problems to be solved without any action or work from you.


Magic can only happen when you step out of the way.

When you stop planning too much. When you stop trying to control everything (and everyone) around you.


When you let go of how you think people and things SHOULD be, and see them for what and how they REALLY are.

When you accept the situation you’re in (whether you like it or not – ‘like’ has nothing to do with it) and stop fighting it.


So how DO you step aside to make room for magic to happen?

Take a look at a situation or problem you would like to see changed, and take the following steps:


1. Describe the actual facts of your situation or problem 

(I have 2 clients a month. That does not generate enough income. I need at least 4 clients a week. I don’t know how to find or attract these clients.)


2. How does this make you feel ?

(Sad. Insecure. Unhappy. Stressed out. Depressed.)


3. What is it you don’t want anymore?

(To feel unhappy and sad. To go back to a corporate job because my business isn’t generating enough income. To feel scared all the time.)


4. What’s out of your control?

(How others will react. What others will do or decide. How others feel. If it rains or not. If the economy will be better tomorrow.)


5. What do you have control over?

(Your own thoughts. Your own actions. Your own feelings. The way you deal with the situation.)


6. What can you do?

(Make a call. Write an email. Contact a lead. Ask for business. Hire a coach. Sign up for a program. Speak your mind.)


7. Do it and let go.

Take the action(s) you can and should take and let go.



Allow the universe to step in and bring you answers, opportunities, love and miracles. 

One small warning though: the universe never does YOUR job.

The best and most wonderful, magical opportunities often show up as WORK and require you to step up, and out of your comfort zone.


“Opportunity is missed by most people because it it dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Thomas Edison

Take the actions you need to take.

This keeps you in the flow of things. You do your job and let go. The universe reacts. You take action again….etc.etc.

This is how you co-create with the universe and allow magic to unfold in your business and your life – every day.


This week’s Transformational Action


Think of a situation you would most like to change right now.

Take the action you know you are supposed to take.

Surrender….and be open to receive the answers and opportunities the universe has in store for you.





Let me know what you think. You can post your comment below. Thanks!




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Creative Commons License photo credit: Cyril-Rana!!




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