Have it all
Do you believe it is possible to have it all? 

To have and experience everything you want and need at the same time?

Most people don’t believe this.

It’s even a common saying in both English and Dutch (You can’t have it all’ / ‘Je kunt niet alles hebben’).

This belief (or rather disbelief) is one of the major stuck points I have seen with my clients over the past 9 years.

And it is my own major stuck point as well 😉

For me, for example, freedom is my number one value.

And success in my business is also important to me.

But for a long time, I wasn’t really 100% sure it is possible to be successful AND free at the same time…

As long as I don’t believe for 100% that this is possible, I will always have to choose between being free or being successful.

And when I make this choice subconsciously, this usually results in self-sabotage. (Which I’m not aware of when I’m in the middle of it, of course, because all of this happens at the subconscious level.)

I’ve seen this same process of subconscious self-sabotage with many of my clients.

You may not recognize my example, but perhaps you recognize one of these:

It’s not possible to be honest and rich at the same time (and as a result you struggle with money issues and never seem to be able to make as much as you like. As long as you think you cannot have both, you will never experience them both at the same time);


It is not possible to be an artist and make enough money to support your family (and as a result you are stuck in a job you hate because you believe it’s not possible to have a fulfilling, creative business and support your family at the same time); 


It is not possible to make money with your purpose (and as a result you struggle to make ends meet in your purpose driven business or you decide to treat your purpose as a hobby and find something else to earn money with – it’s not fulfilling but you need an income, don’t you?)


If you feel stuck in your business, it is time to ask yourself: am I subconsciously sabotaging myself because I don’t believe I can have it all?

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This week’s Transformational Action

1. What do you think you have to do (that you are unable, unwilling or afraid to do) to have a successful business?

2. What do you think is the cost of having a successful business?

What do you think you might lose?

(For example: your privacy / time to spend on other things that are important to you / your partner / not being able to be their for your children / ……)

3. What is the most important thing in your life?

And do you trulycompletelywithout a doubt believe that you can have both that and a successful business?

Sometimes being aware of your beliefs is all it takes to change them.

Sometimes it takes more than that. But awareness is always the very first step to change it.



So….how about you? Do YOU believe you can have it all? Or not?

Let me know in the comments below!






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