You probably want to grow your business this year.

Most entrepreneurs do.

Wanting to grow is one thing. Actually making it happen is quite another.

It begins with deciding you WILL grow your business – and committing yourself to do what it takes to make this happen.

Once you’ve made this decision, these 3 tips help you move forward:


Tip #1: be VERY clear and specific on what growth means to you

Most entrepreneurs want to make more money or have more clients. But what exactly does ‘more’ mean to you?

If you had 50 clients last year and you have 51 clients this year you’ve accomplished that goal.

If your goal is to have more money and I give you 10 cent, you now have more money than you did a minute ago.


But was this what you had in mind?

Be specific and use real, actual numbers.

And stretch yourself. This invites you to be more creative, more focused, and create more opportunities.


Tip #2: make yourself more visible

If you want to grow your business, (more) people must know who you are and what you can do for them.

How can you get more publicity? What can you do to grow your list?

Do you even have a list or should you start there?

Have a little brainstorm session with yourself and come up with at least 10 ways to increase your visibility.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Send your ezine more often (weekly instead of bi-weekly, or bi-weekly instead of monthly);
  • Host a free teleseminar or webinar;
  • Send press releases to relevant media;
  • Organize an event;
  • Make more (or smarter) use of Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


Tip #3: examine your thoughts

The number one thing that stands in the way of reaching your goals is almost always: your beliefs.

Your negative and limiting beliefs, to be more precise.

Everyone has limiting beliefs – whether you are aware of them or not.

And those limiting beliefs make it harder and sometimes impossible to reach your goals.

They influence how you feel, how you act and the results you get. They undermine your confidence and can really keep you stuck.

I know all about it –my limiting beliefs have been holding me back and keeping me stuck for years!

Fortunately it’s possible to change your beliefs.

If you want to find out if your beliefs are holding you back, this week’s action challenge helps you get clarity on this:


This week’s Transformational Action

Write down everything you want to accomplish this year.

Then answer the following questions:

What doubts, thoughts and fears do you notice when you focus on these goals?

(Can’t you detect a single negative thought or doubt? You are probably thinking too small. Stretch some more and see what happens then.)

Then ask yourself for every single thing you wrote down:

Do I really, really believe this?

When the answer is ‘no’, you will notice this doubt is instantly gone. Sometimes this is all it takes to transform and eliminate a negative belief.




What goals do you plan to reach this year?  You can post them below if you like. I’d love to see what they are 😉







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