In this third and final article about making 2012* your best year ever, I’ll share three golden tips with you that help you make sure your actions lead to the results you desire – as effortless and as fast as possible.


Tip 1: recognize your pitfalls (and prepare for them)

What are your pitfalls? What kind of behavior or thinking can keep you from reaching your goals?

We all have pitfalls.

One of mine is I like new things so much that I can have a tendency to start too many projects at the same time.

I know the warning signs. One of them is feeling bored and thinking: been there, done that – even before I actually did it 😉

What’s your pitfall?

How can you recognize it? And how can you prepare yourself so you don’t walk into your own trap?


Tip 2: build the bridge as you walk on it

Don’t wait until your situation is perfect or you are ready.

Achieving a goal – and especially a big, bold goal – always feels like a stretch and always feels uncomfortable.

Start where you are.

Keep moving and keep taking actions in the direction of your goal.


Tip 3: get help

Because, in the words of Simon Sinek:

“Succes always takes help. Failure you can do alone.”

Figure out what you need help with and where and how you can get it.

If you don’t know what you need or who can help you, ask the universe to bring the answer to you.

Your questions are always answered – sometimes in unexpected ways or in signals you don’t immediately recognize.

Just make sure you are ready and open to receive your answer and of course to act upon it.





This week’s Transformational Action



Take some time over the holidays to reflect on 2011 and prepare for 2012.

Set a nice, juicy, attractive, compelling and BIG bold goal for your business 🙂

But above all:

Don’t forget to focus on THE number one reason it is important to set a BIG goal and play a bigger game in 2012:

You are born for a reason. You are in business for a reason. You have something valuable and unique to offer to a lot of people.

Share your brilliance.

Live up to your potential.

The world is waiting for you…





Please tell me what you think! You can post your comments below.




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