Last week I took you through part one of making 2012 your best year ever. 

This week I’ll take you through part 2: getting crystal clear on what it is EXACTLY you want to create in 2012.

Knowing what you want is the first phase of creating what you want.

This sounds really simple, but having clarity on what you want is often very difficult.

These three steps help you get clear on what you want:

Step 1: what DON’T you want anymore?

Frustrations and irritations can show you what you need to change in your business.

Maybe you don’t want to work with a certain type of client anymore. Perhaps you are working too hard.
Or you’re tired of playing small and not living up to your full potential.

Make a list of ALL the things you do not want anymore.

When you’ve completed your list, translate every single item on it into something you DOwant.

Tip: pay attention to possible patterns and messages your list may reveal:

What are your irritations telling you? What do you need to transform in your business?

It might be time to change your niche, your target audience or the programs and services you offer.


Step 2: what do you want to accomplish?

Be as specific as you can on things like:

  • The number of people you want to reach;
  • The amount of money you want to make;
  • (New) products, programs or services you want to launch;
  • Other things you’d like to accomplish, such as writing a book, organizing an event or retreat, developing a new online program, etc.

Tip: Don’t hold back. Think about how big you REALLY want to play.

You started your business to make a difference and a contribution, right?

Focus again on WHY you started your business in the first place.

Is your business (still) a reflection of your purpose and who you really are? 


Step 3: translate what you want into an overall business goal for 2012

Don’t play it safe. Stretch yourself. Growth and transformation take place outside of your comfort zone.

If your goal does NOT make you feel uncomfortable, you are definitely thinking too small.

” A goal should excite you a lot and scare you a little.”

Bob Proctor

Tip: thinking bigger also helps you see more chances and opportunities.

It opens your mind and invites you to think outside the box and be more creative.
It also helps you recognize the people and chances on your path that can help you along in achieving your goal.
You might not have recognized them if you were still thinking smaller…


This week’s Transformational Action



Once you’ve written down your overall goal for 2012, it’s time to translate your goal into actions:

1. Write down the actions you need to take throughout the year to accomplish this goal

2. Write down the actions you can take in the first quarter of 2012

3. Write down the actions you will take in January

4. Think of ONE step you can take this week to prepare for 2012, and

5. Take this step as soon as you can – maybe even today 🙂

Next week I’ll take you through the third and final part of preparing for your best year ever:

I’ll share some golden tips on how to make sure your actions lead to the results you desire – as effortless and as fast as possible.




Please feel free to share your overall goal or your thoughts on this blog.

You can post it below. Thanks!




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