Over the years I noticed there are a lot of negative beliefs around money that can keep you from making enough money (or doing what you REALLY want to do).

Not only did I struggle with many of these beliefs myself, I also noticed a lot of my clients suffered from them as well.

Some examples of these beliefs are:


  • It’s not possible to live your purpose and make plenty of money at the same time;
  • It’s not spiritual to be rich (or to want to make a lot of money);
  • It’s not possible to make a lot of money while being honest and sincere;
  • Money is the root of all evil;
  • It’s not safe to be rich;
  • It’s not possible to make enough money doing what you LOVE;
  • Etc.etc.


Transforming your negative beliefs around money is the first key to more financial abundance in your business.

Start by examining your own beliefs around money. You can do this by answering this question:

Look at each statement I mentioned above and write down if you do or do not believe it, and why.

This will give you a good idea of your beliefs around money.

The second key to more abundance in your business is to charge what you’re worth.

Do you feel you are charging enough? Or do you feel you have to work too hard for the money you make?

Be very honest with yourself and answer this question: what would you REALLY want to charge?

(And why don’t you? Answering that question as well gives you even more insight in your beliefs around money.)

The third key to more financial abundance in your business is to keep investing in yourself and your business.

You cannot expect others to invest in your products and services, if you are not willing to invest any money yourself.

I’m not saying you should spend money you don’t have. But investing in yourself and your business is necessary to keep growing and learning.

When you invest in the programs, training and coaching that are right for you, you always earn your investment back.

And remember, you often need to invest in yourself FIRST before you are able to make more money at all.


“If everyone hangs on tight to money, there is no abundance available to anyone.

You are the key to the flow.”

Wendi Friesen


 This week’s Transformational Action


The opportunities to make more money are often already within your reach.

You’re just not seeing them because they are so obvious you don’t even recognize them.

(Or they scare you too much….)

Answer the following questions to see if you are missing these opportunities:

What are you NOT doing that you know will help you make more money?

(For example: organize an event / write an ezine / charge more for your programs and services / etc)

Is there something you know you need to invest in to be able to make more money?

If so, what is it?

What is the real reason you are not doing these things (yet)?

Are you scared to be successful? Is there a downside to making more money?

Do you think you are not capable to make more money? Are you afraid your work is not valuable enough?

Be honest in answering these questions. Because you can’t change what you can’t face.




Please tell me what you think! You can post your comments below.





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