It’s not possible to reach more people or grow your business without letting go of some things first.

You probably know this already.

But there’s often a gap between knowing something and actually doing it, right?

To get you started I’ll show one thing you need to let go of if you are serious about growing your business and reaching more people:

Stop doing everything yourself

Yes, this can immediately trigger some very uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

(I know  –  I had about a million objections myself before I hired my first assistant.)

I can almost hear your objections now:

  • I need to make more money before I can hire an assistant;
  • It takes more time to explain to someone what I need done than to just do it myself;
  • I need to be in control because …………

The reality is you need to ‘free the wizard’ to grow your business, as my American coach so beautifully puts it.

Not just because you don’t have the time to keep doing everything yourself.

But also because you need to focus on your ‘thing’:

The unique contribution and difference you are meant to make. 

Someone else can order your brochures.

But nobody else can make the exact difference you are born to make.

You don’t have to hire a fulltime VA (virtual assistant).

Start small, with a few hours per month or per week. As soon as you make more money you can increase the number of hours (or the number of assistants).

I know from experience what a HUGE relief it is to let others take care of the things I don’t like, I’m not good at or have no time (or patience) for.

All of these things are important and they need to be done – but they don’t have to be done by ME.

This week’s Transformational Action

Make a list of everything you do and answer these questions for every item on your list:

  • Is this something that needs to be done?

(Yes, you need to pay your taxes. No, you probably don’t need to spend 3 hours on Twitter each day).

  • Is this something you like to do? Does it bring you joy? Does it energize you?
  • Is this something only YOU can do? Is it directly connected to your unique purpose, gift and contribution?

Make a list of all the things you no longer want or need to do yourself. 

And start delegating these tasks to your (new) VA.

Once you are used to it you’ll never want to go back to doing everything yourself….:)




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Creative Commons License photo credit: bisgovuk


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