What exactly does it mean to know your purpose? And why is it essential for your success in business to know what your purpose is?


Let’s first take a look at what a purpose is and the information it gives you:

Your life purpose is the reason you were born. That ‘thing’ you are here to do in your life and your business.

Knowing your purpose means that you know who you really are, what work you are born to do and what difference and contribution you are here to make.


Once you have a clear picture of your purpose, the following things in your business almost automatically fall into place:

1. It helps you identify your core message

Your core message is the one that goes hand in hand with your purpose and who you really are.
It’s the message you live and breath.
The message that comes easy and naturally to you because this is the message you were born with.

Knowing your core message helps you identify what the essence is of what you have to offer.

This helps you market and position yourself.


2. Knowing your purpose helps you identify your unique offer

There are more people out there that offer services and products similar to yours. Often they focus on the same target group as you do.


But NO ONE can offer the exact same thing that you can provide when you focus on everything that makes you unique.

Knowing your unique purpose gives you clarity on what it is that makes you and your offer unique.

This makes it much easier to distinguish yourself from the competition.

They don’t even feel like competitors anymore, because it is crystal clear that you offer something that no one else does.


3. It helps you to identify your ideal client

Your purpose is also connected to the people you are here to serve: your ideal clients. They are the people that need what you’re offering (and are willing to pay for it).
They are the ones you love working with most.

Once you know who they are, you will also know where to find them.

Which makes reaching them and actually selling your product or service a lot easier 😉


4. It helps you discover your niche

Your niche is the place where your gifts and what you love to do most meet the needs of your ideal client.

Finding your niche can be very, very difficult.


But once you know what your unique message, offer and audience look like, you almost automatically know what your unique niche is. 

Knowing your niche is a key ingredient to a successful business.

It’s much harder to find your clients (and for your clients to find you!) when you don’t know your niche yet.


I know all about it – it took me years to find it! 

It didn’t really fall into place until I got crystal clear on my purpose and fully integrated it into my business.

Knowing your purpose is not all that it takes to find success and fulfillment in your business –but it’s a very, very large part of it.



This week’s Transformational Action


Take some time to reflect on these questions and write down your answers: 

(Don’t forget to connect with your inner knowing and intuition when you do this.)

If there was just ONE thing you could change in this world through your work, what would that be?

And why are YOU the obvious person to contribute to this change?



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