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brigitte van tuijlWondering how to grow your business without going crazy, doing things you hate or changing who you are?

Good thing you’re here: I can teach you all about that!

I’m Brigitte van Tuijl, and I’m an author and spiritual business coach for women entrepreneurs with ambition on a mission.


I help you heal & transcend your obstacles & blocks so you are free to turn your highest calling into a business & life you LOVE. 

Obstacles like fears & doubts around visibility, success, failure, sales, marketing, self-love, self-worth, or money, for example.

You name it, I struggled with it, too 🙂


The biggest struggle however was one I see ALL intuitive, creative, freedom-seeking, difference-making, spiritually gifted women entrepreneurs struggle with:

How to embrace & honor ALL of who you truly are, and build your ENTIRE business around it.

For me, this had everything to do with being a hermit:

I want and need to be alone for about 90% of the time.


I LOVE people – in moderation 😉

And I knew from the day I started my business in 2003 that my ideal schedule had only 4 appointments MAXIMUM on it per week.

But I didn’t know how to do that.

How the hell could it be possible to work as a coach, grow my business, AND limit ALL direct interaction with people to 4 hours per week maximum?!


At the end of 2011, I made a HUGE shift in my business:

I switched from working as a career coach in The Netherlands to working with women entrepreneurs globally.

I started working in English, and built my business almost from scratch again.

Which went very well:

At the end of 2012 I had my best year in business so far – AND I felt drained from too much interaction & too many appointments again.

So I made a firm decision and holy vow to myself:


To turn myself from a Crappy Hermit into a Happy Hermit.

Which I successfully did.

Since 2013 I never made more than 4 appointments per week – and usually less.

In 2017 I added 1 appointment free week to my schedule EVERY month: my hermit week.

I LOVE that I finally completely unleashed ALL of me in my business.


And I can teach YOU to build your entire business around who YOU are and what YOU need, too!

In my 1-1 coaching, online programs, and my upcoming book series ‘The Art of Divine Selfishness – how to transform your life, your biz & the world by putting yourself first.’ I’m currently working on.


You may not be a hermit like me.

Your wishes, dreams, needs and personality may be totally different.

But if you:

…aren’t experiencing the freedom in your business and life you hoped for;

…feel like the usual ways of doing business don’t fit you very well;

…feel trapped in a cage and you’d love to break free;

…feel like you can’t be 100% yourself in your business…

Then I can help.

I’ve been where you are. And I’ve coached enough clients to know that there is always a way to do business YOUR way.

So let’s get you paid to be YOU, shall we? 😉

Start here: by signing up for my free weekly(ish) articles on doing business & life YOUR way.

My Books

I published my first book ‘Ontdek wat je écht wilt – en maak daar je werk van’ (available in Dutch only) in 2008 (Uitgeverij de Zaak).

Right now I’m working on my brand new book for women entrepreneurs:

“The Art of Divine Selfishness – How to transform your life, your biz and the world by putting yourself first.”

This will be a series of 4 books.

Some random things about me:

I live in Leiden, The Netherlands. I’m totally happy and in love with my man Arjen since 2001. We share our lives, but not a house – we both enjoy having our own place too much.

I love wine (white, dry); coffee (latte); and food (Italian; spicy; cheese; and anything with loads of flavor).

There’s nothing you can wake me up for – I love my sleep too much.

I don’t do hobbies.

I LOVE to read books. But that’s not a hobby. That’s a must, like oxygen and water.

Want to read more about my journey and struggle to become a Happy Hermit? You can read it here.

Some random pictures of me:

And finally, some random pictures of me. ‘Cause everybody looooves pictures, right?

Well, not me. I don’t like having my picture taken, and very rarely look good in them.

So I’m very happy with these pictures Raquel Otten took of me when I spoke on Maartje Koper’s ‘Money Is Love’ event in June 2017:

So I’m very happy with these pictures Raquel Otten took of me when I spoke on Maartje Koper’s ‘Money Is Love’ event in June 2017:

The photographer managed to capture me with a pretty normal expression and looking half decent in these.

Which is quite a feat, given the weird faces I tend to make when I speak.

Like these lovely faces I made while creating this Facebook Live Stream. 

These pics are stills from it:

I rest my case.

My kinda formal bio:

I’m an entrepreneur since 2003. Published author since 2008. Working globally (instead of in The Netherlands only) since 2011.

I coached and inspired thousands of people to find and monetize their mission.

I’ve created over a dozen online programs and products, wrote hundreds of articles, and created more audio lessons and (free) teleclasses than I can even remember (I lost count around number 200 or so ?

I’m an expert at:

    • Doing business on your terms;
    • Getting clear on your purpose & mission;
    • Being true to who you really are in business and life;
    • Getting clear on what you deeply, truly, REALLY want;
    • Changing your mindset and beliefs (both on a conscious and subconscious level);
    • Aligning / clearing your energy;
    • Clearing up all the crap that shows up the minute you start dreaming bigger and be who you really are in your business.
    • My first book was published in 2008. It’s about finding your purpose and mission, and aligning your job with it. (Available in Dutch only.)

I’m a coach, mentor, author and inspirational speaker (both on-and offline).